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Shuh Beeswax Food Wrap Dreams - Large



100% natural, easy-to-use, washable beeswax wraps - keep your food fresh in style! Handmade in Tasmania from local Tasmanian beeswax, tree resin, jojoba oil and GOTS certified organic cotton. Let’s rethink how we store leftovers and say bye to cling wrap!




Best for


17 cm  x 17 cm

Small cheeses, half cut small vegetables, avocados, snacks on-the-go


27 cm  x 27 cm

Covering small bowls, lunch wraps, muffins/baked goods


34 cm  x 34 cm

Sandwiches, salad rolls, pumpkin/large vegetables, covering salad bowls

Why we love it

We wax lyrical about these because they are a good alternative to cling wraps and good at keeping our food fresh.

About the brand

Shuh’s prints are bound to brighten up your home and day with her vibrant colour palettes, organic shapes and unexpected silhouettes. Every shuh. piece is happily made with time, care and intensive labour (of love!) - we love her ethic and work, and are glad to bring a selection of her homeware to you.