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Taisei Shiki

Taisei Shiki

Taisei Shiki Manufacturing, based in Osaka, is a brand that designs paper products. We fell in love with their clean and functional designs brought about by a combination of craftsmanship, cutting edge processing technologies and high quality paper! 
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  • Two Tray

    4 colors available

    Two Tray

    From $16.90 SGD
  • Pleats Tray

    3 colors available

    Pleats Tray

    $21.90 SGD
  • Small Picture Bar

    3 colors available

    Small Picture Bar

    $12.00 SGD
  • Fumibako
    Sold out

    2 colors available


    $28.90 SGD
  • Large Picture Bar

    2 colors available

    Large Picture Bar

    $14.50 SGD

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