Areaware Gradient Puzzle Small

$28.90 SGD

Product Description

This Gradient Puzzle is a lo-fi colour therapy session. The act of putting this puzzle together is slow and deliberate, where the colour of each piece is used to locate its specific position. Each Areaware puzzle is made of thick stock and high-quality art paper, so the puzzle can be assembled again and again without losing its edge.


No of Pieces
Glossy art paper over 2mm chipboard
Completed Puzzle Size
28.0 cm x 28.1 cm

Why we love it

These puzzles frames as art and make fabulous conversation starters. We especially love that it’s an activity we could do with our loved ones. Some may find the process meditative, we think it’s great at testing our patience, and the joy at the end was oh so sweet!

About the artist

Bryce Wilner is the brains behind this puzzle design, a graphic designer and publisher from Roanoke, Virginia. He lives and works in Brooklyn where he works and teaches in the field of design, publishing, and new media.