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Say hello to endless possiblities with Click'n Tile

Transform your space effortlessly with these click-and-lock tiles! Elevate your space without the need for complex installations or extravagant costs.

Click. Lock. Transform.

  • Simple To Install

    By just mounting the base plate and clicking on the tiles, you can transform your space. No DIY experience required.

  • Highly Customisable

    With a vibrant array of colors and patterns, there are endless possibilities to elevate your space.

  • Durable & Easy To Maintain

    Made from durable recycled plastic, they are easy to clean & dishwasher safe.

Need a hand in visualizing and calculating the number of Tiles & Mounting Plates you need? We've got your back!

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  • Main

    Click'n Tile Square Tile

    • Dimensions: 10.0cm x 10.0cm
    • Material: ABS Plastic (same as LEGO bricks)
    • Designed in Denmark, Manufactured in Slovakia
  • Main

    Click’n Tile Metro Tile

    • Dimensions: 13.3cm x 6.6cm
    • Material: ABS Plastic (same as LEGO bricks)
    • Designed in Denmark, Manufactured in Slovakia

This is perfect for...

  • the one who wants to add a splash of personality to their rental space

    Infuse the space with your personal style without the commitment, using these removable installations that effortlessly come down without a trace.

    Video Credits: Click'n Tile

  • the one who believes in turning every moment into a masterpiece

    Transform your kid's playroom into a canvas of fun! These doodle-friendly tiles are not only washable, they click just like LEGO blocks. Playtime just got a whole lot cooler!

    Video Credits: @emelie.m.d

  • the one who loves to reinvent their living spaces

    From kitchen walls to tabletops and even toilets, these versatile tiles invite you to switch up your space whenever inspiration strikes.

    Video Credits: @alessmalpica

🎨 Get Inspired! Explore the tiles with a sample pack! 🏡

Easy Peasy 123:

Installation Steps:

  1. Size up your creative canvas with your measuring tape! Figure out how many base plates and tiles you'll need for your masterpiece.
  2. Stick the base plate to your chosen spot with the superhero strength of the damage-free 3M Tapes. It's like magic glue but cooler!
  3. Oops, an obstacle like a pesky socket in the way? Snip out bits of the base plate* to make way for it. Easy peasy, right?
  4. Now, the fun part! Stick your tiles on the base plate like you're building a colourful puzzle. Tiles can also be trimmed to fit any irregular wall lengths.

    It's time for your inner artist to shine!

Video Credits: @_frankiemiles

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