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Studio Yono @ Boutiques Fair
17 Nov to 19 Nov
F1 Pit Building 
Products Available: Aykasa Crates 

Commune Christmas Market 
Every Saturday & Sunday, 25 Nov to 17 Dec
Millenia Walk #02-52
Products Available: Aykasa Crates, Geometry Tea Towels, Xenia Taler Tableware

Takashimaya Departmental Store
From 25 Nov to 31 Dec
B1 Homeware Section 391 Orchard Rd
Products Available: Aykasa Crates, Geometry Tea Towels

Monday - Sunday, 11am - 7pm
251 Joo Chiat Rd
Product Available: Aykasa Crates, Xenia Taler Tableware

Aaah House
Tuesday - Sunday
1M Yong Siak St
Product Available: Aykasa Crates

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State of Matters' Guide to a Year End Party!

Greetings, fellow homemakers and merrymakers! As the year bids us adieu, it's time to bid adieu to boring gatherings and usher in a wave of style and sass with State of Matters' homeware!  

  1. Unfold the Fun with Foldable Crates:
Who said crates are just for storage? Not us! Picture this: You're hosting a dazzling party, and your foldable Aykasa crates from State of Matters are stealing the show. Stack them high with bubblies or create a quirky DIY snack station. Your guests will be so impressed; they might just ask if you moonlight as a party planner!
2. Bamboo Bliss with Tableware:
Let's make your dining table the envy of Instagram. Our bamboo tableware is not just environmentally friendly; it's the secret ingredient to turning your dinner party into a chic affair. Imagine clinking glasses over bamboo plates and bowls, which are drama-free (no worries about clumsy guests!😎) that you can pop into the dishwasher thereafter. 
3. Linen Love with Trays, Placemats, and Coasters:
Darling, it's time to drape your table in elegance! Our linen trays, placemats, and coasters are here to add a touch of sophistication to your year end party. Whether you're serving gourmet treats or casual snacks, your table will be a feast for the eyes. Plus, those spills and thrills? No worries – our coasters have got you covered.
4. Tea Towels that Sip Back:
If your tea towels could talk, they'd spill the tea on how fabulous your party is. Our range of tea towels not only keeps things spick and span but also adds a dash of personality to your kitchen or a guest's royal throne room. Choose from our collection and let your towels do the talking – just like your sassiest friend at the party.
5. Friendship, Fun, and Frivolity:
At the heart of State of Matters is friendship, and we want your gathering to be an ode to camaraderie. Our team of five friends knows the value of a good time, and we've infused that spirit into every product we offer. So, as you host your year-end extravaganza, remember to raise a glass to friendship, fun, and frivolity – the State of Matters way!

As you gear up to bid farewell to this year, let State of Matters be your partner in crime for hosting a year-end bash that's as fabulous as you are! 

Beautiful, durable, and affordable – because darling, your home deserves nothing less! Cheers to a home that's not just a house but a statement. Stay cheeky, stay stylish, stay State of Matters! 🥂✨

 P.S. Click here to where to find us this year end (:


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To Mom, With Love

Each of the SOM crew members picked their choice of gifts for our moms this Mothers' Day. Read on to see what we each picked!


Crate Bundle

"I have two mothers in my home, my own mother and my helper. Both mothers are obsessed with packing, repacking, organising and reorganizing. The crates are a godsend to them, perfect for every room in the house, with multiple sizes for different items, and different colours to match each room! Plus every mum loves something that is durable and easy to clean 😉"


Crate Bundle

"Mooncake boxes, beauty in the pot takeaway containers, biscuit tins. "Don't throw this away! this can still be used" has got to be one of my favourite mom quotes. My mum has always been on a constant lookout for used products to be recycled into usable holders at home to organise family knick knacks - masks, stationery, hand sanitizers, angbao packets.

This Mother's Day, I'll pick my mom's 6 favourite colours (or rather, what I think are her favourite) in the form of a Minibox crate bundle for my mom - Orchid, Cherry Blossom, Coconut Milk, Boulder, Ocean (and a Khaki Green for my dad. I think his little mess of keys and pens might get on my mom's nerves soon). I hope they can be a functional and practical alternative to her more traditional storage containers :> "


Bamboo Tableware

"Plates are more than just diningware; it’s a symbol of my mum’s love, serving memories of home cooked meals, cut fruits with a side of nagging. These bamboo plates are lightweight, a breeze to clean, resistant to scratches and can withstand regular use without breaking. Perfect for my mum who is practical and has impeccable style!"


Coffee Table Bundle

"My mum is always finding ways to optimise space at home. She would definitely love this 2-in-1 storage cum coffee table bundle! Plus she gets to choose her fave colours - warm taupe and coconut milk!"


Geometry Tea Towels

"Mom is (borderline) obsessed with drying her dishes quickly so they can be placed back into the cabinets and the kitchen can be neat as a pin after a cookout. I cannot think of a better gift than an (or maybe 3?) uber absorbent and cute Geometry Tea Towel to feed her obsession, topped with an offer to help her with the dishes regularly (although I’m not sure if I can meet her standards of cleanliness...)."

Royce Chan
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Hey Homies!

State of Matters is a local homeware store founded in 2017 which brings together a family of brands from around the world. We believe that that homeware should be beautiful, durable and affordable. 

Run by a team of five friends who met way back in college, friendship resides at the core of State of Matters and we strive to build the same relationship with our patrons and businesses we collaborate with. 

We look forward to joining you on your journey to make your house a beautiful home, as we continue our search to look for homeware for the home proud.  

With love,
Your Homies from State of Matters

Royce Chan
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Find us

The Editor's Market

391 Orchard Road #B1-16/24 Takashimaya , 238872
Opens 10am-10pm daily
Stocks: Aykasa Minibox, Midibox



Royce Chan
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