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State of Matters' Guide to a Year End Party!

By Cindy Chan  •   2 minute read

Greetings, fellow homemakers and merrymakers! As the year bids us adieu, it's time to bid adieu to boring gatherings and usher in a wave of style and sass with State of Matters' homeware!  

  1. Unfold the Fun with Foldable Crates:
Who said crates are just for storage? Not us! Picture this: You're hosting a dazzling party, and your foldable Aykasa crates from State of Matters are stealing the show. Stack them high with bubblies or create a quirky DIY snack station. Your guests will be so impressed; they might just ask if you moonlight as a party planner!
2. Bamboo Bliss with Tableware:
Let's make your dining table the envy of Instagram. Our bamboo tableware is not just environmentally friendly; it's the secret ingredient to turning your dinner party into a chic affair. Imagine clinking glasses over bamboo plates and bowls, which are drama-free (no worries about clumsy guests!😎) that you can pop into the dishwasher thereafter. 
3. Linen Love with Trays, Placemats, and Coasters:
Darling, it's time to drape your table in elegance! Our linen trays, placemats, and coasters are here to add a touch of sophistication to your year end party. Whether you're serving gourmet treats or casual snacks, your table will be a feast for the eyes. Plus, those spills and thrills? No worries – our coasters have got you covered.
4. Tea Towels that Sip Back:
If your tea towels could talk, they'd spill the tea on how fabulous your party is. Our range of tea towels not only keeps things spick and span but also adds a dash of personality to your kitchen or a guest's royal throne room. Choose from our collection and let your towels do the talking – just like your sassiest friend at the party.
5. Friendship, Fun, and Frivolity:
At the heart of State of Matters is friendship, and we want your gathering to be an ode to camaraderie. Our team of five friends knows the value of a good time, and we've infused that spirit into every product we offer. So, as you host your year-end extravaganza, remember to raise a glass to friendship, fun, and frivolity – the State of Matters way!

As you gear up to bid farewell to this year, let State of Matters be your partner in crime for hosting a year-end bash that's as fabulous as you are! 

Beautiful, durable, and affordable – because darling, your home deserves nothing less! Cheers to a home that's not just a house but a statement. Stay cheeky, stay stylish, stay State of Matters! 🥂✨

 P.S. Click here to where to find us this year end (:


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