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This is where it all began, the Aykasa Crate was the product that launched State of Matters. It embodies our philosophy that homeware can be functional, beautiful and affordable. To up the ante, we work with local carpenters to craft lids to turn the crates into coffee tables.
Cobalt Blue
Aykasa Folding Maxibox Colour Crate

76 reviews
Aykasa Folding Midibox Colour Crate

137 reviews
Aykasa Folding Minibox Colour Crate

191 reviews
Pleats Tray
State of Matters Maxibox Lid

79 reviews
From ₱1,00000
State of Matters Midibox Lid

139 reviews
From ₱70000
Two Tray
From ₱80000
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