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Fog Linen Tray Small


Useful, light-weight serving trays made from linen that has been covered in a poly resin. Not suitable for extreme heat.

  • L 8.5" x W 5"
  • 100% linen + polyester resin
  • made in Japan, hand-wash
Why we love it

We adore how these trays are a confluence of natural materials and modern design. They are easy to clean and bring a touch of artistry to our living spaces whether it's on the dining table or the bedstand holding our thingamajigs. 

About the brand
Fog Linen Work is a Japanese lifestyle brand founded by Yumiko Sekine during the late 1990s. Fog is best known for its range of linen housewares + clothing, as well as its developing collection of wood, brass, and metal objects for everyday living.