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Click'n Tile FAQ Guide

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Tips & Tricks for installing Click'n Tile

Got you stumped? Don't fret, this playlist's here to get you set! From cutting conundrums to mounting mysteries, we've got the answers you seek, all compiled in a YouTube playlist.

About the Click'n Tile brand

Frustrated by the waste and hassle of traditional tiles? So was Lars, a skilled craftsman from Denmark, in 2017. His solution? Click'n Tile: a revolutionary, easy-to-install system loved for its customization and minimal waste.

We at State of Matters are thrilled to bring you this innovative solution, offering endless possibilities to personalize your space with ease and sustainability in mind.

Installation & Maintenance

What are the tiles made of?

Click'n Tile uses ABS plastic, the same durable material found in LEGO bricks, making them both lightweight and long-lasting.

Where can I use Click'n Tile?

Imagine vibrant feature walls, stylish backsplashes, even unique tabletops! Click'n Tile brings creativity to any indoor space,exceptfor floors and areas exposed to direct water like shower niches.

How thick are the tiles with the mounting plate?

Click'n Tile comes in two sizes: 10x10cm Square and 13.3x6.6cm Metro. Both options are incredibly thin, measuring about 8.2mm including the mounting plate and adhesive.

How do I clean the tiles?

No harsh chemicals needed! Simply use any everyday household cleaner or even pop them in the dishwasher on a low-heat cycle (max 42°C).

Can Click’n Tile be used in a food business?

Absolutely! However, to comply with hygiene regulations, we recommend filling the gaps between tiles with sanitary silicone or epoxy grout.

Can the tiles withstand heat from a stovetop?

Sure! For gas stovetop, just ensure a minimum 3cm clearance between the hob's edge and the tiles to avoid damage from direct heat.

Planning your Click'n Tile Transformation?

How do I know how much to buy?

  • Our mounting plates are 90cm x 60cm. Simply measure your desired area and choose the closest matching size.
  • For easy reference, imagine covering 100cm by 100cm with Square Tiles (100 pieces) or Metro Tiles (120 pieces). This gives you a starting point to adjust based on your specific project.
  • Remember, you can mix and match sizes and styles to create your unique design! Don't hesitate to reach out if you need further guidance.

I'm curious about the pricing. Can you share the estimated cost per tile and for a standard mounting board?

We understand you're interested in pricing! While final costs may be subject to slight adjustments at launch, we currently estimate individual tiles to be around SGD1.60 each and a standard 180cm x 60cm mounting board to be around SGD50. We'll be sure to update our site with confirmed pricing as soon as it's finalized.

What do I do if I still have questions?

For questions around assembly process, you will likely find it addressed in the YouTube Playlist above.
If you still have questions after this, please feel free to contact us We love questions, because we learn something from it each time.