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Piecework Puzzle - Forbidden Fruit

$55.00 SGD


    Saturated colors. Ripe fruit. And a cocktail with a tiny parasol.
    Inspired by the quintessential, and dare we say, suggestive, art-class still life of our dreams. Savor this one slowly as the pieces come together. Saturated color? Ripe fruit? A cocktail wearing a tiny parasol? If only real life looked this pretty.

    Product Description

    Each Piecework puzzles is made of extra thick pieces with a premium matte finish layered on a board made of 100% recycled paper. They’re fun to look at as they are enjoyable to put together. As a bonus, the box is beautiful and can be used a display piece after you complete and hang your puzzle.


    No of Pieces
    1000, random-cut
    Thick stock and high-quality art paper with matte finish
    Completed Puzzle Size
    49.5 cm x 67.5 cm
    Frame it easily with a 50 cm x 70cm frame from IKEA
    Box 20.3 cm x 25.4 cm x 4.6 cm

    The Forbidden Fruit Playlist

    What’s the soundtrack for a suggestive still life filled with overripe fruit? This compilation is for unrequited love, for summer crushes, for sun-drenched afternoons and for sweating bottles of rosé. It feels good, it sounds good, and it IS good. You never forget your first puzzle playlist.

    Why we love it

    These puzzles frames as art and make fabulous conversation starters. We especially love that it’s an activity we could do with our loved ones. Some may find the process meditative, we think it’s great at testing our patience, and the joy at the end was oh so sweet!

    About the brand

    Piecework is a puzzle company dedicated to quality time in the great indoors. Whether working alone or at a gathering of friends, they see puzzles as a means to slow down, connect, and live in the present. We have enjoyed putting their puzzles together and now they’re sitting pretty on our walls.

    Framing your puzzle

    We work with a local frame maker to create reasonably-priced made-to-measure frames just for our puzzles. Learn more