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Kokeball Bundle

  • Kokeball, also known as kokedama (mossball), is a 'no-pot' bonsai. These are houseplants bounded by a ball of soil and moss which turns into a living sculpture, and can be hung or placed on a tabletop at home or in the office
  • Gift someone a Kokeball and a special plant care kit in an Aykasa Minibox this festive season! Perfect gift for aspiring plant parents (who do not the greenest fingers...) as kokedama plants are relatively low maintenance
  • Bundle includes: 1 x Kokeball, 1 x Aykasa Minibox, 1 x squeeze bottle, 1 x mini tray
  • Do note that bundle does not include pine cones and other decorative items shown in the images
Care instructions for Kokeball:
  • Watering: Kokeballs require a regular soak and should not be allowed to dry out completely. When the Kokeball feels light in weight or 'crispy' to the touch, it is time to water. To soak, fill a bowl with clean water and submerge the kokedama plant side up (for about 5 minutes) until it is saturated. Give it a gentle squeeze to allow excess water to drain before putting back into its given home. Alternatively, insert the tip of a filled squeeze bottle to inject water into the moss until it feels weighty enough. 
  • Misting: In addition to soaking, Kokeballs love a good mist. Use a bottle that casts a fine mist and spray around plant foliage.
  • Light: Indirect sunlight works best for most indoor plant types. In general, avoid direct sunlight to prevent the kokedama from drying out too fast. Do avoid spots with alternating hot or cold drafts as hot or cold air can make leaves turn yellow or brown prematurely. If yellowing or browning happens, snip the affected areas off. 
Delivery Fee
  • Kokeball does its own delivery by hand due to the fragile nature of the plants. 

  • Delivery fee is set at $7. 




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