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Upcycled Wooden Lids

🧽 Built tough to handle your adventures
🌟 Eco-chic meets storage bliss
🎨 Each lid, a canvas of stories

🧽 Built Tough to Handle Your Adventures

These lids are tough cookies! Finished with a food-grade white mineral oil, they're like superheroes that are resistant to pretty much everything - abrasion, water, acids, and even the messiest of stains.

🌟 Eco-Chic Meets Storage Bliss

Lids created to fit your Aykasa midi and maxiboxes like a snug, custom-made tuxedo! Whether you're storing your secret snack stash or craft supplies, these lids have got you covered.

🎨 Each lid, a canvas of stories

These lids are crafted from reclaimed pine wood, bearing the natural markings of their previous life as cargo pallets. Join us in reducing waste and making a positive impact on the environment.

Curious about the production process of these upcycled wooden lids? Click here to find out more!